Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is an Estate Package?

What's the difference between a Will and an Estate?

What’s a Living Will?

Common Terms

What is a Personal Representative (PR)?

What is an Attorney?

What is an Agent?

What is an Executor?

The "What if?" Questions

What if I don’t want all 3 documents?

What if I already have a Personal Directive (PD)?

What if I need to make changes?

What if I own property outside of Alberta?

What if we plan to have children? Can we add more beneficiaries to our Will?

What if I have a “Green Sleeve”?

The Process

What's the process?

How long does it take to fill out the online Questionnaire?

How long does it take to get an appointment?

How long is the signing appointment?

When do I pay?

Where does my Will and Estate Package get stored?

The Details

How detailed does my Will have to be?

Why don’t I put a detailed list of items in my Will?

Where do I record my detailed wishes?

What about the contact details for my PR and beneficiaries?

What about organ/tissue donation?

What about funeral wishes?

What about pets?

What about Changes?

What type of changes require a change?

What about my investments and insurance policies?

Why choose Will Simple Law?

What makes us different?

Will I get to meet with a lawyer to answer my questions?

Who is Will Simple Law?

Real Lawyers. Real Advice.